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The history of the Hakoah Club is a particularly fascinating one. This page will allow you a brief look at some of this great history.

The name Hakoah was adopted from the Hebrew (Strength).




This is believed to be Hakoah's first soccer team, photographed in 1939 at Rushcutters Bay Park, cradle of what in post-war years was to become Australia's strongest soccer movement.  

This is one of the earliest membership cards. This card was used from 1945 to 1950.   

Here we see a scene depicting Hakoah's then Secretary Harry Lakmaker issuing memberships from his "office in the boot".

This kind of scene punctuated the obvious need for a social club and licenses were applied for.

Hakoah's earlier premises were upstairs above the retail strip on the corner of Campbell Parade and Roscoe Street at Bondi Beach.

Here we see a sign over the stairs exciting members about the impending development of the club's new premises being planned for a nearby location.

In this picture, we see project manager and unmistakable Hakoah identity Robert Sardy discussing the proposed plans for the new club with the architect Henry Kurzer and the chosen builder.

Interestingly, you may be able to see the top of the plan sketch where the 3rd floor was originally designed to be a basketball stadium, later actually becoming the King David Ballroom.

Construction Begins!

The chosen site in Hall Street pictured here with Sporting Director David MacLaren, Director Ernie Frisch and Robert Sardy.

This is an exciting time for all concerned.

The front of the site, near completion.   

Club Patron Sydney D. Einfeld, President Frank Lowy and Director Louis Klein at the laying of the foundation stone on December 9th 1973.  

The Gala Opening of the club on November 30th 1975 was a black tie affair.

Here we see Robert and Susan Sardy arriving for the event in the foyer of the new club premises.

Jaffa's Restaurant on Level 1 was the absolute height of luxurious fine dining.


Here we see what was then known simply as "The Bistro".  A place for a multitude of like-minded people who came to catch up with friends.


The King David Ballroom was a magnificent and spectacular venue for any number of major events.

It was in it's day the largest capacity, most modern equipped and most versatile event space in the Bondi area.

Pictured here is a casual outdoor courtyard and picnic area which was very popular on the weekends with families.

Later in the 1980's this was built in to become the "Wingate" room and later became an extended gaming area of the club.

For it's day, the Hakoah Gymnasium was well equipped and very popular.

Later a far larger facility known as "Spin City"  occupied the space of what was the King David Ballroom as a vibrant, thriving Gym, Pool and Karate Area.

Although Hakoah had become an icon in the community as a social club and diverse facility addressing many social and event needs, the original purpose of Soccer remained high on the list of the club's activities well into the 1980's.

Here we see the logo of the club's team when the name altered from "Hakoah" to "Sydney City" and the "Slickers" became a very identifiable symbol of the success of the team in the league.

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